5 Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

PERFECT: 5 Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers Looking for a birthday or anniversary wedding gift for your geeky friend? If you have a friend, relative or lover who loves graphic design, you will want to buy him/her a present which is in one way or another related to graphic design. You are likely to be spoilt for choice when you go out for shopping. What precisely should you buy? Which gift ideas for graphic designers stand out? We shall help you answer such questions by providing you with a list of 5 gift ideas for your loved one. They are beautiful, stylish and attractive. Have a look. iPad Pro and Continue Reading →

5 lxd Interaction Design Tips

Interaction design explains how a user interface performs its functions .it assists users of the software to work in an easy way to and provide a good way to solve problems in a virtual environment. It’s also a user-oriented area of study that focuses on critical media communication through a collective and cyclical process between people and the technology. A successful interactive design has to be simple, clearly defined goals and real intention. Interaction design tips: Use interaction design specialists This interaction design being an art involves a lot of training, and therefore, it requires highly experienced individuals to make it better. To get a good interactive design means people Continue Reading →

Interview with Nathan Shedroff

INTERACTION DESIGN IS LIKE A GOOD PARTY Interviewer: Holly Coleman, Research Project Manager, supported by Mark Vanderbeeken. Nathan Shedroff is an interaction design consultant, based in California. He is also an author of several books and an Explorer of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. HC: What is interaction design? NS: . That’s a big category. Interaction design has to do with defining behaviours and relationships between people and other people, people and devices, people and environments, and to some extent even devices and devices. HC: What would you say is a great example of really good interaction design? What is a product or a service lately that you have come across Continue Reading →