5 Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

PERFECT: 5 Gift Ideas For Graphic Designers

Looking for a birthday or anniversary wedding gift for your geeky friend? If you have a friend, relative or lover who loves graphic design, you will want to buy him/her a present which is in one way or another related to graphic design. You are likely to be spoilt for choice when you go out for shopping. What precisely should you buy? Which gift ideas for graphic designers stand out? We shall help you answer such questions by providing you with a list of 5 gift ideas for your loved one. They are beautiful, stylish and attractive. Have a look.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is an excellent present for any graphic designer out there. He/she will surely appreciate it. This amazing device comes with a double CPU performance which makes it efficient in operation. In addition, it has a very high resolution. The two features enhance quicker engagement when creating new designs. In addition, the included apple pencil is a very vital accessory for any technical designer. It will enable your loved one to edit down to one pixel.

Fifty Typefaces That Changed The World By John L Waters

FIFTY TYPEFACESThis is a book that any graphic designer would wish to have. It is therefore a perfect gift for your friend or relative who loves graphic design. This exceptional book was written with combined efforts of London Design Museaum. It features the story of 50 influential typefaces ranging from buildings, posters, packaging, brands and many more. It presents the story in a beautiful and captivating way which attracts the reader’s attention up to the end. Besides, it is very affordable. You definitely want to buy it.

Cactus Vases

Cactus vases will add some desert glamour to any work space of your designer friend or lover. They look beautiful and lovely. They come with two simple stems to achieve a full glamorous effect when displayed. This makes them the best present for your graphic designer friend.